Get Amazon Prime 1 year membership at 200/-* (Friday’s only)

Prime is the amazon’s premium service which offers huge number of benefits to its subscribers.following are the major benefits of amazon prime membership.

-FREE delivery on all orders irrespective of cart 

-Priority Same day/one day delivery to metro cities

-Free access to latest movies and TV shows via Amazon prime video

-Free access to millions of songs via Amazon music

Pre-requisite to get the offer

1.Amazon account without kyc

2. ₹800/- rupees

3.Rupay Platinum debit card 2 quantity

4.Below 24 years age PAN CARD (borrow from younger brother/friends)

Steps to add money to amazon pay balance:

1.Goto amazon pay load money page from here and enter amount 500 and click Add money to Balance.

2.On payment page add your RUPAY PLATINUM DEBIT CARD, once you added the card you can see 100off discount as shown in below screenshot.

3.Now enter CVV and proceed to pay, within 5mins your amazon pay balance will be updated by 5oo.

NOW again repeat the steps 1,2 and 3 with another rupay platinum debit card.

Your amazon pay balance has 1000 rupees

Steps to activate prime membership: here to activate prime membership.

2.Click on Continue to avail youth offer.

3.Choose yearly pack at 999/-

4.Select amazon pay balance as payment method and activate prime membership.

Steps to avail 500 cashback:

1.After completion of payment you will be redirected to age verification page as shown in below screenshot

2.Click on Proceed to age verification.

3.Upload a selfie and GOVT.approved identity card like AADHAR CARD/PAN CARD/PASSPORT/DRIVING LICENSE.

4.Click on submit and documents will be verified within 24hrs and cashback of 500 will be added to amazon pay balance.


Steps to avail 100 cashback from prime music app:

1.After 1 week of prime activation you will get email regarding the offer as shown in below screenshot.

2.Click in the given link in email and play any song for atleast 30 seconds and get cashback of 100.

Discount and cashback calculations:

  • Loaded amazon pay balance of 1000 at 800(saved 200)
  • Recieved cashback of 500 for prime youth offer
  • Recieved cashback of 100 prime music offer
  • finally 1000-200-500-100=200
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