Extra Virgin Natural Olive Oil for Hair, Skin & Stress Relief Massage( 200ML)

(₹ 124.50 / 100 ml)
MRP: ₹ 399.00 Save ₹ 150.00

Features & details :-

✔100% Pure & Natual:- Head To Toe Extra virgin olive oil is 100% Vegan, Pure, Natural & kind on Skin.
✔Skin Benefits:- Our Olive Oil act as a skin moisturiser whether you have dull skin or ache problem it restore and revitalize your skin.It is also known for its makeup removal quality.
✔Hair Benefits:- Our Olive oil conditions hair & Scalp gently and helps in hair fall rescue with more shiny hairs.
✔Essential Oil:- It act as a complete stress buster during body massage.
✔Why to Choose Head To Toe:- Our wide range of products are totally natural , 100% Vegan, Animal Cruelty free and totally safe for skin

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